Zulu Cultural Tours

Khula Village Tour

About 15 minutes from St. Lucia, the contemporary Khula Village will give you an overview of current Zulu life with visits to schools, churches, Zulu dancing and even a traditional Sangoma. Your guide is a resident of this village and will be able to answer your questions about past and current Zulu Culture and affairs. A taste of Zulu beer combined with a traditional Zulu lunch will round off the experience.

Shakaland Express Shuttle

Basically a shuttle to and from the renowned Zulu Village of Shakaland - where the movie Shaka Zulu was filmed, and from where you have a spectacular view of the Goedetrouw Dam while enjoying a delicious lunch. Upon arrival you are handed over to the capable Zulu guides, who will enlighten you on all past and current aspects of the Zulu Culture, while leading you through a traditional village. The Zulu dancers performing in the exhibition hall are some of the best in the country. The whole tour takes approximately 3 hours, excluding transfer time.