St. Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The village of St. Lucia is isolated from the mainland by an estuary channel - one can thus almost describe it as an island. The subtropical climate and coastal forests add to the impression, but what would it be, of course, without beautiful beaches, warm ocean waters, exotic animals and tranquillity. Add to this the African bush, spectacular sunsets, over 500 species of birds, the Big Five in close proximity, ancestral turtle nesting grounds with Whales and Dolphins offshore - and you have a veritable paradise!

In St. Lucia you can find everything you need within walking distance. The town has two well-stocked supermarkets, a dozen restaurants, Internet cafe, two banks, three ATM's, two fuel stations, several fishing tackle shops, a hardware store, a hairdresser, a variety of curio shops and sellers, a popular fruit and craft market, a post office and even a library, amongst other services.

The areas accommodation facilities can cater for up to 4,500 guests and campsites for up to 2,500 campers. There is something that will meet everyone's need.

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